The story behind our luxury dog beds

We love our dogs, love our homes and want both to look good and be comfortable! We were frustrated at how often we were having to replace smelly, impractical dog beds that lost their shape and went flat. So we set about designing practical but stylish alternatives, researching fabrics, fillings and creating numerous ‘test beds’.

The main focus of our design has been to create a highly practical and extremely comfortable bed for our dogs who live very rural lives filled with mud, water and green fields!

Two years later we have developed a growing range of luxury dog beds, all of which have been rigorously tested by our discerning Onyourbed testers, a ruthlessly demanding team of dogs, large and small. If they don’t like a bed, then we don’t sell it!

Our luxury dog beds represent excellent value given their ‘Triple Protection’ construction and long lasting materials. The washable waterproof liner really works! It is made using a breathable sports wear fabric keeping the inner cushion clean and fresh. Finally an end to the smelly dog bed! !

We hope you try our beds and that you and your dog will love them!


Our Luxury Dog Bed Testers


The professional sleeper amongst the group, who really puts our beds to the test!


After a day of constant running, jumping and playing, Raff just loves his bed!


The elder statesman who appreciates his comfort!