The Story Behind Our Luxury Dog Beds

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Hello, we are Karen & Sue and Onyourbed is our luxury dog bed company that we set up together when we were looking for a business venture once our children didn’t demand quite so much of our time. We have been friends for years and knew we would make a cracking team. A love of dogs was an important part of both our families’ lives and as we sat around the kitchen table debating the business we should start, the answer appeared, literally, under our feet where the family dogs were competing to get comfortable - the seed of an idea was born to create the perfect dog bed. After all we were fully aware of the challenges as we are both experienced dog owners and here was the chance to achieve that. We wanted to create a really comfortable dog bed that would look super stylish in the home, be long lasting and continue to look smart but also a bed that would be both durable and practical with easily washable and removable zipped covers - a bed that would stay comfortable and not pancake or clump! Another pressing problem we wanted to solve was how to bring an end to dog bed odour - a hazard of the wet dog and the bane of many dog owners! Our unique waterproof, breathable and washable liner idea has been hugely successful in keeping the dog mattress dry and odour free plus ensuring the dog does not overheat but stays cool and comfortable.

For the first year we trialled many different ideas with our own demanding team of dogs as well as those of our friends. Testing everything from durability to washability and practicality whilst all the time concentrating on comfort and style. If the dogs and their owners weren’t convinced it was the best dog bed ever we went back to the drawing board - or perhaps the kitchen table! Finally in 2015 we had created a bed we were proud of - the perfect dog bed and Onyourbed was born.

Our luxury dog beds represent excellent value given their long lasting materials. We feel strongly about protecting the environment and were determined that we would produce long lasting and durable dog beds to escape from the “buy and throw away” culture so prevalent in our world today. We are proud of the fact that our polyester fibre mattress complies with Oekotex Standard 100 and also with EGRS (Global Recycling Standards).

Onyourbed is thriving, providing a wide range of dog beds to customers worldwide including leading hotels and retailers. We also have a growing clientele who want bespoke beds, unique shapes and sizes that fit perfectly in corners, kitchen units, windows seats and even in boat lockers!

Almost anything is possible and we are happy to help plan a perfect solution. We know a lot about dogs and are happy to advise you on the perfect bed for your dog and home. Individuality is central to our business, understanding that each customer’s needs are different. At Onyourbed we love our customers (particularly the four legged ones!) and our passion is your dog’s comfort, so if you are looking for the perfect dog bed give us a call - we love to chat with our customers.

We hope you try our beds - we know that you and your dog will love them!

Our Luxury Dog Bed Testers


The professional sleeper amongst the group, who really puts our beds to the test!


After a day of constant running, jumping and playing, Raff just loves his bed!


The elder statesman who appreciates his comfort!

The Good, The Bad & The Muttly!

Our playful Duo ... Bear & Peanut!

The Onyourbed Testing Team

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